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        Project  Reference


                1. Project name : Piping & Electrical Relocation PT. Bukit Muria Jaya, Location: Karawang, West Java, 

                  Project Name: Shutdown & Installation Krofta Tank PT. Bukit Muria Jaya, Location: Karawang West Java

                  Project Name: Equipment Erection Work Paper Mill & Expantion, Location: Karawang West Java

                  Client: PT. Bina Rasano Engineering, contacted: Mr. Triono/ Iskandar. Year : 2005




                2.   Project name: Installation and Erection of Heat Exchanger Unit, Location: Inderaiaya KM.32 South Sumatera, 

                      Client: PT. Sumatera Prima Fibreboard, Contacted: Mr. Dominicus WP; Year 2005



                3.  Project Name: Installation of Expantion Joint & Below Turbin Gas (1 X 60 MW), 

                     Location: Kawasan Industri Jababeka II Cikarang – West Java,  Client: PT. Daya Esa Mandiri; Year 2005


                 4. Project Name: Installation of Diesel Generator 250 KVA PT. PLN Persero Kediri, Location: PT. PLN Persero – Kediri East Java,

                     Client: PT. Samapta Power Energi, Contacted:-, Year: 2005

                 5. Project Name: Installation Fire Hydrant Piping PT. Showa Engineering, Location: Kawasan Industri Jababeka IICikarang- West Java, 

                     Client: PT. Parker Eng Darat-12, Location: Chevron- Darajat Geothermal Garut-West Java, 

                     Client: PT. Bina Rasano Engiineering, Contacted: Mr. Budhi D; Year 2005



                 1. Project Name: Condensate Injection Hook Up Line Unit II neering, Contacted: Mr. Pungki Dwijoko; Year 2006

                 2. Project Name: Welding and NDE Services, Location: Wayang Windu Geothermal Pengalengan – West Java, 

                     Client: Magma Nusantara Ltd. Contacted: Mr. Wahyu, Year: 2006

                 3. Project Name: Installation Tank Modular Urea Services PT. Freeport Indonesia, Location: Timika Papua, 

                     Client: PT. Flotech Control Indonesia, Contacted: Mr. Krisna Mukti, Year: 2006



                  4. Project Name: Installation of SCR System & Modification Exhaust Duct Silencer PT. Freeport Indonesia, 

                      Location: Timika Papua, Client: PT. Trakindo Utama, Contacted: Mr. T. Syahrial, Year: 2006


                   5. Project Name: Installation of Engine Diesel 1 x 4,2 MW Type CAT 3616, Location: Comoro Power Plant Republic Timor Leste, 

                       Client: TUSSPL Singapore, Contacted: Mr. Nasir, Year: 2006


                 6. Project Name: Modification Mfonisation 5 x 2,5 MW Engine, Location: Hative Ambon, 

                     Client: PT. Gearindo Tiga Utama/ PT. Wartsila, Contacted: Mr. Eko Wagiyo, Year: 2006



                  1. Project Name: Installation of Engine Diesel 32 x 1 MW Tyape CAT D3516B, 

                        Location: PT. International Nickel Indonesia, Client: PT. Trakindo Utama, Contacted: Mr. T. Syahrial, Year: 2007




                 1. Project Name: Installation and Supervision Termination & Jointing Cable 33 KV, 

                     Location: PT. International Nickel Indonesia Sorowako-Sulawesi, Client: PT. International Nikel Indonesia ( PT. INCO), 

                     Contacted: Mr. Janckin, Year: 2008

                 2. Project Name: Instrument Displacement Installation of Additional Cable and its Accessories and Commissioning  

                     at Darajat Fields, Location: Chavron –Darajat Geothermal, Client:PT. Chevron Geothermal, Contacted: Mr. Reza, Year: 2008

                 3. Project Name: Dismantling, Removing, Reinstall and Wiring, Unwiring, Melting Furnance LC 20, Location: KII C Karawang Barat, 

                     Client: Yamaha, Contacted:-, Year: 2008


                  4. Project Name: Erection Subtansion 150 KV KEIII Lot 3 Mangkunegaraan and Sanggrahan Package 3, 

                      Location: Mangkunegaran-Sanggrahan, Client: PT. Areva T & D, Contacted: Mr. Boris Sirait, Year: 2008



                    5. Project Name: Erection Subtansion 150 KV KEII Lot 3 Dawuan and Rancakusumba Package 4, Location: Dawuan- Rancakusumba, 

                       Client: PT. Areva T & D, Contacted: Mr. Boris Sirait, Year:2008




                 1. Project Name: Mfonisasi PLTD PLN(Persero) Seunaboh 4 x 1.2 MW NAD, Location: Melabouh, Senabouh  NAD, 

                     Client: PT. Warsila Indonesia/ Tandon, Contacted: Mr. Nurwahidin/ Tarman, Year:2009

                 2. Project Name: Mfonisasi PLTD PLN ( persero) Sigli 4 x 1,2 MW NAD, Location: Pulo pisang, Sigli NAD, 

                     Client: PT. Warsila Indonesia/ Tandon, Contacted: Mr. Nurwahidin / Tarman, Year: 2009




                  1.  Project Name: Installation Alligment Engine 8 x 10,5 MW Sulzer 16 ZA, V 40 S, PT. Indomatra Power,  

                       Location: PT. PLN (Persero) Makasar, PLTD Tello Makasar, Client: PT. Asindo Perniagaan Internasional, 

                       Contacted: Mr. Bayu Sukamto, Year: 2010


                   2.  Project Name : Design & Installation Power Plant 3 x 10 MW Sulzer 16 ZA V40S;  Location : PLTD Pesanggaran Bali; 

                        Client : PT Indo Matra Power; Contacted : Mr. Nurwahidin/ Mutaqin  Year : 2010




                   3. Project name : Install Transformer 70 Mva Location : Pesanggaran Bali ; Client : PT. ABB ;  

                       Contacted Person : Mr. Ardyansyah M; Year : 2010



                      4. Installation for N Line Continious Dryer; Location : Jatisari - Karawang; Client : PT Sri Rejeki; 

                          Contacted Person : Mr. Supriyono; Year : 2010


                     5. Supply Engineering Supervision Mechanical and Electrical Diesel Engine 3 x 4.2 MW; 

                         Location :Mining Gosowong- Halmahera Utara; Client : PT Trakindo Utama; Contacted Person : Mr. Taufik Arifany; Year : 2010




                 1. Project Name: Installation of Mechanical Electrical 3 x 6,5 MW engine Deuzt and 1 x 10,5 MW Engine Sulzer, 

                     Location: Silae, Palu Sulawesi; Client: PT. Phakpak Bumi Energy;  Contacted: Mr. Zainu Fuadi, Year: 2011


                 2.  Commissioning Engine Sulzer 1 x 10.5 MW; Location Silae Palu; Client PT. Phak-Phak Bumi Energy; 

                      Contacted Person : Mr. Zainu Fuadi; Year: 2011 


                 3. Project Name: Installation of Mechanical & Electrical Diesel Engine 1 x Wartsilla 18 V 32,  

                     Location: Cikupa, Tanggerang Banten, Client: Pou-Chen Corporation PT. Nikomas Gemilang, 

                     Contacted: Mr. York Chen, Year: 2011





                 1. Project Name: Installation of Mechanical & Electrical 3 x 10,5 MW Sulzer 16 ZAV 40 S, Location: Likupang-Manado, 

                     Client: PT. Humbahas Bumi Energi, Contacted: Mr. Zainul Fuadi, Year: 2012


                 2. Project Name: Installation of Mechanical & Electrical of 4 X 6,5 MW Deutz 16BV640, Location: Power Plant Tallasa ,Makasar, 

                     Client: Mingken Engineering Company Ltd, Contacted: Mr. Tony Leung, Year: 2012


                  3.  Project Name: Installation of Mechanical & Electrical Gas Engine 12 MW, Location: Pekanbaru-Riau, 

                       Client: PT. Hutan Alam/ Vpower HK, Contacted: Ir. Soedarmadji/ Mr. WS Fong, Year: 2012


                 4. Project Name : Overhaul Engine GMT 14 Unit 13; Location PLTD Poka - Ambon; Client : CV Putri Salju; 

                        Contacted Person : Mr. Alex Thesman; Year: 2012






                     1. Project Name  : Installation Mechanical and Electrical 8 x MAN 9L 58.64 PLTD Sicanang Belawan Medan


                     Area Project PLTD Sicanang Belawan Medan        








               Project Name : Dismantling Mechanical and Electrical PLTD Tello, South of Sulawesi : 8 x Engine Sulzer 16ZAV 40 S included

                    auxillary, pipe system, panel, transformer, support .





                 Project Name  : Installation Electrical PLTD Pringgabaya, Lombok Timur  8 x Engine Sulzer 16ZAV 40 S included

                 Installation Transformer PS, Cabble Tray, Panel, Support. Client : PT Iradat Aman 






                  Project Name  : Installation Mechanical Electrical Caterpillar-MaK medium-speed 3 x 9CM25C diesel genset

          with 3,300kVA  and MTU 1 x  12V4000 diesel genset with 2.000kVA in a fixed building power plant on

                 Tanjung Balai Karimun. 





                Project Name  : Semi Overhaul 1 x Engine ABC 12VDZC PLTD Poka PLN Wilayah Maluku dan Maluku Utara

                Project Name : Supply and Installation VCB Incoming Caterpilar at PLTD Kayu Merah PLN Wilayah Maluku dan Maluku Utara



                Project Name  : Installation Insulation Exhaust Duct Pipe & Colom Elution at Puruk Cahu Palangkaraya Central Kalimantan.

                PT Indo Muro Kencana


                Project Name  : Installation Panel Heater at PT Ethica Farmacy


                1. Project Name : Dismantling and Installation Piping System AHU at Swiss Bel Hotel, Mangga Besar, Jakarta.

                2. Project Name  : Dismantling  Construction Power House, Storage Tank HFO, HSD, Lube Oil, Sludge and Dismantling Mechanical

                Electrical 12 Unit Engine Sulzer 16ZAV 40S and Auxiliary at PLTD Tallasa Makasar, South Sulawesi.






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