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                 PT   Trifika  Bina  Engineering    established  from    2005   is National  Private   Company    as   name  

                 PT Trifika Bina Teknik location address at Drs. Saharjo  street part in South of Jakarta.  At 2008 we are 

                 moved  to  PTC  Pulogadung   location  in   East  of   Jakarta  and   we   change  our  company name to

                 be PT Trifika Bina Engineering. And at September 2017 we are moved to new office at Complex Taman

                 Pulogebang, Cakung, East Jakarta.

                     Our Company specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, Construction  and  Maintenance   Service.  

                 With our collaboration between our experience and our staff technician we do many project around

                 Republic Indonesia.


                                                           Vision  and  Mission

              We are PT Trifika Bina Engineering had Vision to become best National Private Company specializing  

              service for Installation Power Plant, Substation, Construction and Maintenance Service.

              With Mission our Motto : "Quality and Reality" , we always challenges our company to become

              innovative, efficient, effective, integrity and commitment to our client for doing project. 

              We have strong principal to doing good work for best result all project to keep satisfaction our client. 


                     Name of Company               :  PT Trifika Bina Engineering

                     Type of Company                 :  Private Company

                     Notaris Act                           :  P. Suandi Halim, SH

                     NPWP                                   :  02.313.190.7-004.000

                     TDP                                       :

                     SIUP                                      : 0678-05/PM/P2/1.824.271

                     SIUJK                                   : 1-902186-3172-2-00564

                     JAMSOSTEK                      : 0600000001001

                     KADIN                                 : 20204-06083785/27-02-2006

                     GAPENSI                             :

                     SKT (MIGAS)                      : 599/SKT/Daf/ DMT/2006

                     SKT (PERTAMBANGAN)  : 2394/30/DJB/2011

                     WPS                                       : TBT/01/WPS/I/IX/09

                     SKA APEI (Elektrikal)         :




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